What to Expect

What to Expect

What to expect:

Worship at Kenwood is energetic, spirit-filled, and inviting.

Preaching at Kenwood is dynamic, relevant, biblically sound, and applicable to life.

The people of Kenwood are authentic, faithful, and welcoming.

We strive to be:

  • Spiritual enough to recognize the power of the gospel
  • Free enough to embrace the movement of the spirit
  • Educated enough to appreciate scholarship and liturgy
  • Authentic enough to embrace our Afro-centric heritage
  • Empowered enough to work in shared ministry
  • Real enough to recognize the imperative to work for justice
  • Bold enough to stand for change
  • Conscious enough to appreciate history and tradition
  • Relevant enough to live in the now
  • Progressive enough to build for the future
  • Secure enough to empower the next generation
  • Compassionate enough to care for the least of these
  • Hospitable enough to welcome the stranger

We are Kenwood United Church of Christ – Loving God… Serving Community… Uniting People!